Artist Statement

The ever-present motif of my paintings so far has been the human being with all its existential problems. There are also a series of indirect self-portraits, as the tragedies and the joys of my character are implicitly mine. There is nothing new in this; the obsession of art has always been the human being. I believe that as long as there will be human beings on Earth, art will always have them as a central motif.

So far, my projects have been developing one from another, a painting would always send me to another one. However, I could never work at several projects at the same time. When I start a painting, I am completely involved in it, the project becomes my obsession until the moment I finish it. In my everyday life I have quite a keen sense of criticism both towards myself and the others. Yet, I sometimes reproach myself not being brave enough to say what I feel and maybe that is why painting is my natural way of expressing my thoughts and feelings, without disturbing the others. I like privacy, the complicity that evolves between me and my work. It is a friendship I know will never disappear, although we sometimes have our little misunderstandings…

I have allowed myself to play with the “nerves” of my own characters. At times, I have given them all my compassion. Some other times, I have tortured them, hoping that they will be reborn like a Phoenix from their own ash, and now they are the subject of my irony. I present them as a mockery, with all their bad habits. The distortion of the human body was created bearing equally in mind my attitude towards my characters. In a way does distortion, or better said mutilation appear when I want to confront them with critical situations so as to shatter them, to wake them up from their lethargy and in another way are these characters distorted when I mock at them.

I think that painting should not be regarded as a simple juxtaposition of shapes and colors for the pure pleasure of the eye. To me, shape must bear a certain meaning; therefore I have manipulated the human body out of the need of giving it certain meanings. Art itself is a form of symbolical communication and the eye of the artist should not record reality as a photo camera. 
Copyright© Teodora Visineanu